Happy Birthday, Ruby Mae

Today, October 27th, our family will be celebrating the third anniversary of the birth of our granddaughter, Ruby Mae Geiger. The Lasseter/Geiger clan will get together, play games, eat chili, cut cake, laugh and remember our little girl whose 26 days opened our hearts in ways unimaginable. It’s true that we tasted the bitterness of death, but we also discovered the beauty of life–everlasting life!

Man’s disobedience to God’s command brought death into this world; Jesus Christ’s obedience to His heavenly Father destroyed Death’s lasting grip on mankind and ushered in eternal life. Death’s poison to the soul is gone, but our bodies still die. Whether 26 days or 126 years, we were made for eternity.

As I grieved Ruby Mae’s death a song was birthed.  We all missed her. We focused on eternal truths from God. We knew she lived though her little body died.  We watched the Holy Spirit comfort her parents. We looked forward to the return of Jesus and the end of death. These thoughts shaped the lyrics. I’ve also included a few of my favorite pictures because, well, because I’m a grandfather. That’s what we do.

Ruby Mae

Hey Ruby, may I show you something, Ruby?

May I reveal something Ruby?

Your mom and dad smiled the other day.

I heard them laugh in the old familiar way.

There’s music in their hearts.  They still have a tune.

They will see you soon.

Ruby Mae, Sweet Ruby Mae, Dear Ruby Mae.

Hey Ruby, may I tell you something Ruby?

May I say a word or two, Ruby?

Your short life stirred up so much love.

Your tender life brought blessings from above.

Adorable is what we often heard.

Beautiful, the perfect word.

Ruby Mae, Sweet Ruby Mae, Dear Ruby Mae.

Hey Ruby, may you show me something Ruby?

May I peek into heaven, Ruby?

Can you think? Can you talk? Can you feel in any way?

Who’s your twin? Have you met? What did she say?

Open up the sky, show the light above;

Show your smile, show your love.

Ruby Mae, Sweet Ruby Mae, Dear Ruby Mae.

*Through the skill and encouragement of Charles Mauney, we recorded this in September of 2017.  Ruby Mae’s parents were visiting that week. I was honored to have Soren on piano and Virginia on vocals. 

“He who testifies to these things says, ‘Surely I am coming soon.’ Amen. ‘Come, Lord Jesus!’” Revelation 22:20

9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Ruby Mae

  1. Thank you for sharing with us, John. This is a beautiful tribute to Ruby Mae’s time with all of you and a beautiful testimony of resting in the promise of heaven’s joys and rest. Happy birthday, Ruby Mae! We love y’all.

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  2. As usual, even in sorrow you find a way to fill our hearts with love and joy. Thank you, God, for John and Happy Birthday in heaven Ruby Mae. We love you all.

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  3. Thank you, John. We were with you and Soren and Virginia and family this morning, celebrating Ruby Mae’s birth, lamenting her brief life, and rejoicing together for our eternal hope. Wish we could join you for chili and cake.

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  4. John
    Thank you for putting this out to us. – so thankful the Lord gave you the words and tune to “Hey Ruby” ( thank you Charles, Virginia, and Soren for putting your music /recording skills with this piece.
    Thank you, Father, for giving her to us.

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  5. Much love, prayers, and celebration is extended to all the Geiger and Lasseter family members in remembrance of your precious and beautiful Baby Ruby Mae! Thanks so very much, John, for sharing this memo with us. It was such a blessing, as are all your blogs. Please, continue writing when you can.

    Love to you and all your family,

    Frances Baker

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